SPF3350 智能芯片喂食器-1
SPF3350 智能芯片喂食器-1

KCT-SPF-05 Smart Microchip Pet Feeder


Product Features

With RFID identification, the lid will open automatically when it senses the chip

Support time setting/manual operating, maintaining a healthy diet for pets

Well sealed food bowl keeps flies away, food will keep cleaner and fresher

Dual power supply design, continuous food output when power off

1L Capacity, suitable for cats and small and medium dogs

Product Details


Adopt RFID identification technology

When pets with chip tags approach, lid will open automatically Prevent other pets from snatching and stealing food


Support timing settings

Set up a scientific feeding plan for pets Scientific management, healthy feeding


Well sealed lid

Guarantee the freshness of the food Prevent flies and keep food clean Locks the food odor to ensure the fresh air in the house


Dual power supply

DC5V/1A and 4 AA batteries dual power supply Automatically switch battery mode in case of unexpected power outage Normal feeding without delay


1L Large capacity

Bowl can hold 500g cat food or two small bags of wet food Suitable for cats and small dogs A perfect choice for multi-pet family


Product parameters

Model KCT-SPF-05 (Microchip identify)
Food Capacity 1L
Product Size 387*243*67mm
Package Size 410*260*90mm
Weight 3KG
Material ABS, PP, PC
Power Supply DC Adapter 5V/1A
Backup Battery 4 AA Batteries